The Salt Story is a product of my imagination; quite literally. More than anything, it is an effort to journal my thoughts.

Living is a glazed, unctuous affair; a patina of boredom and monotony sets in eventually, putting the best of us on auto-pilot – which may not be a bad thing, only, it robs us of self-awareness. You wake up and do the exact same thing you did yesterday, and the day before, and perhaps the day before that, until you forget why you’re doing it. As the years go by, I find myself doing things with intention, simplifying as I go, peeling away the unnecessary yet holding on to some oddly satisfying extravagant habits.

The idea behind this blog germinated from this balancing act between KonMari-ing and foraging, the age-old fracas between putting down roots and letting go. Salt, to me, represents that balance. It’s ubiquitous in the sea, the earth, the wind. A grain of salt can make all the difference in our perspective, in the food we eat, in the attitude we keep, and ultimately, in the balance we seek. Balance is the key to attentive slow living, which does not necessarily mean slowing down the pace of your life, it just takes you off of auto-pilot. You could be just as efficient and effective, but little things, little checks and balances could help ground you, in slow measure. It means saying no to things that you would otherwise have done out of guilt or just to fit in. It means prioritizing yourself and your loved ones.

As I make room in my life, I am drawn to things that truly give me pleasure, chief amongst them is food. Food is an intricate thing, simplifying yet elevating, a currency and a language all unto its own. Developing recipes and learning the art of cooking was an unintentional by-product of my greed for good food. I can’t quite explain it, but the photosynthesis of spending a few leisurely hours in the kitchen has the power to breathe energy into me even on the gloomiest of days. As a reformed fussy-eater, I find myself turning to nutrition, texture, and flavor over glossy palate-pleasers.

Although, I manage projects and budgets by day (a vocation I actually enjoy), I am deeply drawn to spatial planning and interior designing. Every space, nook, and cranny has a story and letting these spaces breathe; making them warm and inviting gives me great satisfaction. As it happens, A has a penchant for building things, and together we save pretty pennies by DIY-ing furniture, salvaging scrap into sustainable caches and restoring character to forgotten pieces of household items. Naturally, said saved monies are promptly spent on traveling and vagabonding. Through this blog, I hope to organically unravel our DIY renovations and ongoing interior design projects.

A word about the vagabonding – the common denominator in all of this, is the ache in my bones to lose and find myself in new places, and bring all of it back home. The concept of familiarizing oneself with the people, visuals, smells, sounds, streets, food, customs and finding the appeal and beauty in the everyday of the rest of the world is truly joie de vivre. It humbles you, teaches you about hope and possibilities, and against all odds, changes you. This journal would be incomplete if I didn’t share the length and breadth of my journeys with you.

Ultimately, The Salt Story is also about putting myself out there. It has taken a great many iterations and philosophical breakthroughs to get here. Life has not always been fair, nothing ever is, and that’s what makes it beautiful, imperfect and real.

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